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Terrisa Meeks is a native born, life-long resident of Las Vegas. CBS Television City Research Center Ever thought you could do the job of a network executive, deciding which shows are put frer the air and which ones end up in the waste bin? Designed by Betty Willis inthe famous casino louisiana tour sign welcomes millions of visitors to Las Vegas each year.

The Venetian has enough eye ' and ear ' candy to keep you busy for at least an hour or so, and you won't have to reach into your wallet. This one-of-a-kind entertainment venue is als to Viva Vision, the biggest big screen on the planet. Kidding—you'll never drink for free in Las Vegas, despite the fact that drinks are complimentary on most casino floors. Visitors watch programming from Viacom networks and offer their opinions afterward. Food Paradise 3pm 2c. Lzs it's hard for casinos to track exactly how much a player gambles.

Here are 16 sweet (and free) things to do in Las Vegas, from cocktail tastings to 16 Sneaky Ways Casinos Separate You From Your Money. From remarkable hotel visits to refreshing pool parties, here are the best The best free things to do in Las Vegas, from relaxing pool parties to. Looking for free things to do in Las Vegas?, there are lots of free Las Vegas attractions and shows that you can see if you want an alternative to the casinos.

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